Welcome to C3M's Website!

Hi welcome to my website!
You may or may not know who I am... if you do know who I am then GREAT! Enjoy the new site.
IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM, well then I have some explaining to do.

Hi I'm Collin! I am a self taught 3d modeler from the Rigs of rods community. My start was in April 2014 with my YouTube channel, even though I didn't make my first video till April of 2017.
Last year was a shit show and I decided to take a break for a while, I will not be going into why it was a shit show because it was very personal but all you need to know now is that I'm back!
Even with my return to the Rigs of rods community it is not a place I frequent anymore. Personally I'd rather just hang out with friends and draw... well stuff and we all have a good laugh over it!

You can check out some of my good friends below.


C3M one of the many creators at Midnight Gaming Network!

What Is Midnight Gaming Network?

MGN originally known as V&J Hangout established in May 2019, Midnight Gaming Network is a Server focusing on providing a Safe place to chat, play games, make music, make mods, you name it. With A wide variety of games from FPS, Narrative, Sandbox, and Simulation compared to our competitors at Quantum Gaming, and we're working To give a safe place for anybody. So make yourself at home in our shimmering community. 

You can check them out on their site or YouTube Channel!

Check out the CULT!

Scotty's Transportation is no longer accepting applications as the company has closed due to some drivers back stabbing the company by Leaking content, leaving for a rival company, and or both previously listed offenses. For anyone the drove with Scotty's we hope you enjoyed your journey with us.